The right real estate tools can help you with your day-to-day tasks and improve both your productivity and efficiency. The available tools range from software that improve internal efficiency to tools that help you stay ahead of the competition. We will focus on certain tools you should implement within your workflow.

Here are the best 8 real estate agent tools for 2021:

  1. Electronic Signature Tools
  2. Appointment Scheduling Software
  3. Customer Relationship Management Software
  4. Mileage Tracking Software
  5. Team Communication
  6. Project Management Tool
  7. Comparative Market Analysis Software
  8. Video Creation Service

Electronic Signature Tool

Stop wasting time manually gathering signatures to close deals. Electronic signature tools such as HelloSign and DocuSign are some of the popular options real estate agents prefer. Some of the benefits of using electronic signature tools include decrease in the amount of physical paperwork, improves your productivity, keeps your files organized and easily accessible, and reduces the need for in-person meetings which is a great solution during these unpredictable times.

Appointment Scheduling Software

Spend more time on showing and selling while your giving your clients the freedom to book you at any time including outside of your business hours. When you offer your clients an easy way of booking online, your chances of successful business will increase.

Sprintful is a time-booking solution for professionals that works for every type of profession including real estate because of it’s flexibility. You can create your own page with customized availability settingscalendar synccustomized brandingcustom notificationscustom booking form, and other features that provide a seamless user experience. Give your clients your calendar link and watch the bookings significantly increase. Sprintful is mobile-optimized making it easy for client to book, cancel, and reschedule from their mobile device.

Send personalized emails and text messages to reduce no-shows and keep your clients informed. Add custom questions like budget and neighborhood preference that clients need to answer before submitting a booking giving you the necessary details for your meeting. Additionally, embed your booking page on your website, social media, and as part of email campaigns.

If you would like to explore more scheduling tool options, check out this blog post that compares the best time scheduling tools for easy appointment booking.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Building and maintaining customer relationships is core to every business - especially in real estate. Using CRMs such as Zillow Premier Agent CRM and Agile CRM is crucial for managing a healthy sales pipeline that ultimately increases your productivity. Some of the features a CRM can offer include organizing all your prospects information, keeping track of closings, keeping track of where your leads are in the sales process, automating tasks such as email follow ups, and more.

Mileage Tracking Software

If you spend a lot of time exploring new housing markets or touring listings with your clients, then you’ll need a mileage tracking software like Everlance. Everlance helps track your expenses and revenue, maximize your tax deductions, and remain IRS-compliant. The tool allows you to label trips as personal or business, export Excel or PDF reports, and monitor trips using GPS.

Team Communication Tool

Staying in communication with your team is very important. Slack is one of the most popular communication tools in the market with over 750,000 companies using the app. Forget emailing and text messages, Slack makes conversations easier to follow. Slack supports one-on-one conversations with agents, group conversations around topics, sharing files, and multiple integrations.

Project Management Tool

Managing and organizing your tasks as a real estate agent can be overwhelming. However, using a project management tool like Trello can help organize everything from listing, selling, property showing, prospecting, and more. Trello described its product as

“a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glace, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process.”

Trello allows you to assign tasks to team members, share lists, color label assignments, and more.

Comparative Market Analysis Software

CMA reports are essential to professional real estate agents. It is the most visible representation of yourself as an agent and your brand. Using CMA software such as Cloud CMA can help you create sleek, professional-looking reports. Cloud CMA offers multiple templates to choose from and supports creating your own report with your company’s custom branding. Since virtual meetings are the “new normal”, Cloud CMA supports interactive live presentations.

Video Creation Service

According to a study on the use of video in real estate marketing, listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries. Using video services such as Animoto will help you get more leads and sell more properties. Animoto offers multiple templates to choose from making video production an easy task for everyone – no experience necessary.


As a real estate agent, you know how competitive the market is. Using these real estate tools to optimize day-to-day operations will help boost your productivity and ultimately push you ahead of the competition.